Technically Specialized Solutions
Providing technical solutions to specialized problems....just ask us how
About Us

Who we are:

Founded in 2005, Technically Specialized Solutions Inc.  is made up of Local 94 Operating Engineers.  With over 15 years experience as Watch Engineers and Chief Engineers.  Now you are asking yourself, why did you leave, well lets just say that an offer to do service was way to good to pass up.  We have been servicing drives for over 15 years.  We understand how the operation of a VFD on a pump / fan / cooling tower effects the operation of the plant.  There are a lot of other companies out there, but no one that understands the operations of buildings the way that we do.

What we have to offer:

Technically Specialized Solutions Inc. has the experience and expertise to work out all your VFD related issues.  Our core focus is drives and nothing but drives.  We also do controls.  We do not do provide any kind work on Building Management Systems (BMS or BCS).  We can provide a complete integrated system with your current BMS system.  We also can provide design and implementation for stand alone systems. 

Where we are:

Technically Specialized Solutions Inc. is located in Staten Island, just outside of New York City.  We are in the city about 6 days a week (Monday - Saturday).  We are one of the few companies located less than 20 miles from NYC. 

How to contact us:

You can contact us at:
Phone: 917.797.1270
Fax: 718.761.2186

Why call upon us:

Technically Specialized Solutions Inc, is the go between, we are the ones who solve the probelms, not using band aid fixes, but actual solutions that have been tested and work.  We are the people to call when your BMS vender says "it's the drive". Our preventative maintence goes well beyond what our competition offers.  We carry all the necessary insurance.  We currently service over 5,000 hp of drives for companies such as The Durst Organization, Rockefeller Center, and Cushman and Wakefield to name a few.